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3D Video: Thien Tan new urban

(Video | Thien Tan Group) – 3D video simulation the master planning of Thien Tan new urban project, this is a trategic project of Quang Ngai province invested and implemented by Thien Tan Group.

The project will build new the administrative center, administrative square, music event square, commercial complex ( planned to construct 22 floors), international hospital, international school, parks and entertainment, golf training ground…v..v…

3D photos simulate Thien Tan new urban


Music event square – Thien Tan new urban.


Administrative center of Quang Ngai province – Thien Tan new urban.


Services and commercial complex – Thien Tan new urban.


Water street – Thien Tan new urban.


Adjacent residential area – Thien Tan new urban.


Premium villas– Thien Tan new urban.


Internaltional school, hospital, golf training ground – Thien Tan new urban.

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