“Brand values must be appreciated”

Reporter of Tin Nhanh News had a cordial conversation with entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap to learn about style and his views on the fashion industry in Vietnam and the World.


Entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap.

As a businessman, how do you select your costumes?

My concept is, when I feel comfortable I can fully focus on work. So I choose casual, not fussy costumes. Only when in an important meeting or guess, I wear a suit to show respect to my partner, normally, I only come to company with simple costumes.

What is your favorite fashion brand and why?

I’m favor high-quality products, brand that was confirmed and in my capability such as Burberry Prorsum, Bally, Salvatore Ferragamo… The leading fashion brand has strong proven history worth respect and they always a perfectionist, careful attention to detail when designing, creating the most perfect product.

What type of men pattern that you are pursue?

I don’t pursue any model in dress, style to business method. Currently, I’m the model of myself when I was young.


Entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap favors high quality products, brands that were proven.

Do you have any interest in collectibles fashion accessories? What is the remarkable point in your collection?

Like any other man, I was fascinated by accessories that holding time – watch. I favor the leading brands such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, Cartier… From basis plain leather watch, diamond to the more elaborate designs, I always valuable them and used in accordance with the circumstances.

According to you, what form the style, class of an entrepreneur?

My opinion, not necessarily to use branded, expensive ride to be a class man. My concept is, gentle manner, calm and confident, then standards, stylish form. That the implicit value to say who you are.



These successful entrepreneurs are often quite heavy physique, but you aren’t. Do you do diet or exercise to keep the current form?

Trade growing brings more and more options but I still using safe food produced domestically. In addition, I keep a healthy life style combine with gym, walking, perform the therapy helps improve health, while improving mental by healthy entertainment and limit stress in life.

What type of costume, accessory materials and designs you considerate about?

I was fascinated by the leather, accessories with diamond, product that was cared in detailed, sophisticated design, especially the handmade products with limited quantity.


Do you have any comment about the fashion of young people nowadays?

Except offensive style, revealing bare body that unavoidable in modern times. In general, young people style is better and always look at the work while updating their style. Fashion market has products also caught up tastes and more options than my time.


Entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap :”Brand value must be appreciated”

Are you interested in the domestic fashion market? Which brand receive you highly rate?

I’m not concern much about domestic fashion. I realize there are some reputable brand, resonates with me but that isn’t enough, except brand value, fashion must express the soul, the lifestyle of the wearer but currently in our country, I don’t think there are any company could complete this.

Do you intend to invest in the fashion industry and garment and why?

Thien Tan Group invested in many fields but currently, I don’t have intention of encroaching into fashion or garment industry because I still enjoy access to fashion with the status of a god – enjoy – or a consumer.

How do you comment about fashion industry of Viet Nam today?

Perhaps we don’t need too much experience to realize that Viet Nam fashion industry today is still too young, hardly to compare to international fashion when most designers are weak at expertise, not properly trained, borrow from abroad, some when have achievements become too satisfy with reality, result in lack of effort, creativity.

ER7A0655Can you share your point of views on women in the past and nowadays?

Development of society involves changing in form and role of women. I think that women today should know how to cultivate, more dynamic to close the gap with men, beside still keep the gentle, graceful.

What is your comment about knockoffs of big brands in Viet Nam nowadays and how to fix that?

Not to mention the huge investment in product quality, but the passion and many years of branding of foreign fashion company is the most valuable thing. I feel very unfair and inadequacy for them when all of their enthusiastic was “impersonation”, brazen abuse.

In my opinion, our small bases is not eligible to clones the branded version, they just smuggle shipments from Thailand, Korea, especially from China. I think, whether this situation come from, relevant departments should have strict measures to rectify those acts of trademark copyright infringement to obtain justice for genuine business activities.

Thank you very much for this intimate and frankly conversation. Wish you go so smoothly in your future projects.

Cam Linh – Thien Tan Group

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