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Consultation meeting on planning scheme and Thien But Park Project

 (Feartured content|Thien Tan Group)- Morning of 02/07, Provincial Standing Committee has held a meeting with former provincial leaders to collect opinion on the planning scheme and Thien But Park project, Quang Ngai province. Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Quang Ngai Provincial Party Committee Mr.Le Viet Chu presided over the meeting.


Thien But Park project is in the planning of Thien But Park and Thien Tan ecological urban. Thien But park located in Nghia Chanh ward, Quang Ngai city. The East borders Ly Thuong Kiet Street, West with Quang Trung street, Quang Trung residential in the South and North with Cao Ba Quat and Nguyen Hoang Street.


Perspective of fountain area in Thien But park

According to the original design, Thien But Park has an area of 192.5 ha, including gardens, apricot hills, green landscape, amusement park, 12 model area of Quang Ngai’s scenic, herbal garden, service area, pen tower are, parking, internal transport, water park, cemetery of martyrs, ladder up to Phoenix monument…

Thien But Park will form a typical park, enhance beauty, environment, landscape and urban architecture for Quang Ngai city.

Contributing to the planning and Thien But Park project, most of the participants agreed with the planning and implementation idea for Thien But Park because it conforms to the aspirations of people in the city for a long time.


However, most of participants agreed that, Thien But is a landmark, the typical culture of Quang Ngai, so the construction of Thien But Park should retain its custom, culture. Therefore, shouldn’t built concrete pen tower on the summit, instead are ancient trees. Strengthen diversity of green plants, minimize concrete; embellished Thien But cemetery into Park Cemetery…


Secretary of Quang Ngai – Mr.Le Viet Chu spoke at the meeting

At the meeting, Party Central Committee’s member, Secretary of Quang Ngai Provincial Party – Mr.Le Viet Chu has expressed his gratitude for valuable opinions of former provincial leaders for Thien But Park project. He also agreed for not building pen tower and could change into ancient trees.


In additional, the planning should reduce concrete resting stations, enhance diversity of trees; smaller and more reasonable roads. For the martyrs cemetery, it should embellish into park cemetery and build a memorial here.

Secretary of Provincial Party, Mr.Le Viet Chu requested Department of construction, Owner, Consultant and design Company and relevant agencies collect opinions from participants to edit, add, review and report to the Standing Committee for comments before deployment.

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