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Duc Pho’s Bypass of National Road 1A – Construction make Duc Pho became a District-level town in 2015

That is the assertion of Mr.Huynh Kim Lap – Chairman of Board, Director of Thien Tan Investment – Construction Joint Stock Company when interviewed with Quang Ngai Electronic Newspaper’s journalist about going to put the Duc Pho bypass of National Road 1A into operation.

– Dear sir, at this time, how is the progress of Duc Pho’s Bypass 1A National Road Project?

Mr.Huynh Kim Lap: The project was groundbreaking at the end of December 2008, with the total capacity for the project is 589 billion VND, in which 365 billion VND for stage 1. The whole Project’s length is 10km, have the head junction point with 1A National Road of Pho Ninh commune and the tail junction point with 1A National Road of Pho Cuong commune. This is the first BOT Project Company stand as the Owner in Quang Ngai.

The Project was implemented in the crisis of economic, global finalcial conditions, and it have a significantly impact to progress, effectiveness of the Project. On the other hand, the implement progress has arises alot of complex issues, especially leveling material and site clearance.

Estimates of initial compensation only 36 billion but this has increased to nearly 100 billion. Therefore, the value of the Project after the completation of Stage 1 will over 600 Billion (365 billion estimated) and delay 1 year to operation compared to the initial plan.

However, with Company’s internal resources, attentions, favorable conditions from People’s Committee of Quang Ngai, Department of Transport, Duc Pho’s People, the Project has completed 93% progress. If the weather is favorable then at the begining of December, the Construction will complete and operation, immediatly charging after the Decision of Ministry of Financial take effect.

This construction is very important, allow tranportation on 1A National Road away from Duc Pho town center, reducing pressure on vehicle traffic circulate in town, limited accidents, reducing traffic congestion risk, facilitate inter-province and harmony for urban planning, social and ecomic development with natural landscape protection… in order to make Duc Pho became a provincial town in 2015.

– Sir, how about the charge rates when through the toll station?

Mr. Huynh Kim Lap: On 10/11/2011, Mrs.Vu Thi Mai, Deputy Minister of Finance has issued Circular No.151/2011/TT-BTC regulating the rates, regime of road toll collection, payment, management and use of Duc Pho’s bypass of 1A National Road.

By this Circular, vehilces under 12 seas, trucks with load of less than 2 tons and public buses: 15.000VND/ticket/turn (monthly ticket 450.000VND, quarter ticket 1.200.000VND).

Vehicles from 12 to 30 seats; trucks with load between 2 to 4 tons: 22.000VND/ticket/turn (monthly ticket 660.000VND, quarter ticket 1.800.000VND).

Vehicles from 31 seats upward, trucks with load between 4 to 10 tons: 33.000VND/ticket/turn (monthly ticket 990.000VND, quarter ticket 2.650.000VND).

Trucks with load between 10 to 18 tons and Container 20 fit: 60.000 VND/ticket/turn (monthly ticket 1.800.000VND, quarter ticket 4.800.000VND).

Truck with 19 tons of load upward and Container 40 fit: 120.000VND/ticket/turn (monthly ticket 3.600.000VND, quarter ticket 9.700.000VND).

This Circular takes effect from the date of 25/12/2011. The toll will be implemented in 25 years.

– Sir, in order to put the toll into operation, how is the preparation from Company?

– Mr.Huynh Kim Lap: Company set up the ticket booth at the toll with spirit of courtesy, comely, respect, facilitate for drivers and not congestion.

Registration, inventory, collection, payment, and use receipts in accordance with regulations in Part III of Circular 90/2004/TT-BTC.

About human resources, in order to operate the toll require about 80 officers, employees. To date, company has recruited nearly enough that requirement, in which 70% are Duc Pho’s people. Among them, company has sent 50% to training at tolls throught the country. After examination, most of them have mastered the operation process at the toll. Remainder, company will arrange alternating with skillful staffs to help each others.

– Another sensitive problem is ensure the security at the toll, is Company have any plans for this issue sir?

– Mr.Huynh Kim Lap: This is a very highly consideration of Company. Company has sent a Official Dispatch No.238/CV-PTDA dated 18/10/2011 to People’s Commite and Chairman of Quang Ngai province People’s Commite has handed over to Department of Transportation of Quang Ngai to presiding, works with Quang Ngai Public Security and Quang Ngai Military Command agreed plans to advise People’s Commite to establish support patrols, ensuring security for the toll station. At the same time, Company will also coordinate with local authorities to enhance patrolling, protection and assure smoothly and security for the entire route.

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