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Government encourages, support development of solar power projects

(Featured content | Thien Tan Group) – Office of the Government has announced the conclusion of The Prime Minister at the meeting of Permanent Government about incentives to develop solar power projects in Vietnam.


 Groundbreaking of the first solar power plant in Vietnam in Mo Duc by Thien Tan Group

The Prime Minister has agreed with the proposal of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) about review the mechanism to support development of solar power projects in Vietnam in form of decisions of the Prime Minister.

To complete the Draft Decision to issue a mechanism consistent with the current socio-economic conditions of our country, the Prime Minister requested the MOIT supplement more specific regulations on planning for electricity for solar power in Vietnam (develop projects according to solar irradiance map, add solar power projects into electric power development planning including the connection, responsibility to implement…)

About the mechanism of power purchase price for solar power projects connect to the grid: Regulations towards pilot temporary power purchase price for the next 3 years (2016 – 2018) for projects already in the approved planning of power development, projects in potential and favorable conditions areas to develop. The MOIT reviews, updates solar power equipments price tends to further drop to issue accordingly power purchase price, while studying, supplement regulations to gradually deploy bidding solar power projects in the direction of openness, transparency and reduce the electricity price of projects.

About purchase price mechanism for solar rooftop projects, the Prime Minister requested the MOIT to update solar power equipments price tends to further drop for accordingly propose.

Simultaneously research, add regulations on management for trading Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) for solar power projects.

The MOIT supplement and complete regulations on the free business registration license and non-payment of taxes, fees for solar rooftop projects (installed capacity not over 50 kW) ensure in accordance with their competence as prescribed by law.

Supplement regulations, mechanisms to encourage domestic solar equipments manufacturing, increase the localization rate of solar power projects to gradually reduce electricity price for solar projects.

Strengthen monitoring the supply – demand of electricity

The Prime Minister assigned the MOIT to strengthen monitoring the supply – demand of electricity, progress of implementation of source projects and grid in approved planning to implement or report to the Prime Minister to allow measures to ensure electricity supply for economic – social development; reasonable calculation of electricity, improve power supply reliability and economic efficiency of power systems.

Simultaneously perform the review, assess the effectiveness of mechanisms to support renewable energy sources has been issued by the Prime Minister (support mechanisms for development of wind power, biomass power, electricity generation using solid waste), report to the Prime Minister to review, adjust if necessary.

The Prime Minster assigned EVN plays as a major role in ensuring stable power supply, safe for the economic – social development; implementation of investment projects under assigned tasks, investment and development synchronous power grid to improve the efficiency of investment while researching to deploy and implement solar power projects in favorable, potential areas and offshore islands.

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