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Thien Tan Group: Pioneering to affirm global brand

(Featured content | Thien Tan Group) – “While other companies still experiment their projects in laboratory, we already implemented to reality for practical and effective”, Chairman of Thien Tan Investment Construction JSC (Thien Tan Group) Mr.Huynh Kim Lap began the story of steady steps by absolute belief with each projects Thien Tan Group has invested in 16 years.

Startup projects

Thien Tan Group is not unfamiliar to domestic investors, even abroad. To build such a “giant” brand when the global economic downturn impacted every corners of Vietnam and the most suffering targets are companies, you will understand the perseverance, persistence to an extraordinary level of Thien Tan Group in the period of financial downturn cyclone swept through.

Those efforts were recognized by the Government with honor titles: Labor Hero of renovation period for Mr.Huynh Kim Lap; First Class Labor Order for Thien Tan Group are glorious pride for a national brand.


Mr.Huynh Kim Lap on behalf of Thien Tan Group received honorable First Class Labor Order

Praises will become cliché without practical projects of Thiện Tân Group. In Quang Ngai, hometown of Mr.Huynh Kim Lap, where forged business characteristics, projects bearing the stamp of Thien Tan as unique touches, created boost from many sides to economic –social development of local.

The first boost was Thanh Co – Nui But route (changed into Pham Van Dong in 2005) at the center of Quang Ngai city, with only 2,5 billion VND invested at that time. Until now, this route not only the largest, most beautiful works by Thien Tan but also the backbone for Quang Ngai proper planning of urban development to the East, to create spacious, neat, clean residential areas.

Right after this work, suddenly, Thien Tan Group implemented Ha Nang hydropower plant, not any relating to traffic infrastructure. With an investment of 450 billion VND along with the awakening of a large West area of Quang Ngai, this project paves the way for private invest hydropower plant and create group of most efficient hydropower plants in Vietnam.

Turning points of Thien Tan Group always along with surprised. While doing hydropower, Thiên Tân Group turned tổ invest in high- end housing segment in Van Tuong urban area, Dung Quat Economic Zone. This project worth 350 billion VND, all 72 villas just done were hired by Technip’s (France) experts to construct Dung Quat oil refinery.

And when no one cared about BOT infrastructure investment form, Thiên Tân Group made bypass road of Đức Phổ town, 650 billion VND. Project’s quality beyond expectation, Thien Tan Group continued engaging to expand 1A National road of Tu Nghia – Thach Tru route, investment up to 2.200 billion VND.

Solar energy pioneer

Mr.Huỳnh Kim Lập said that belief has lead tổ successes. He believed in his “forecast” ability. Therefore, in those last 16 years, his “forecasts” always accurate. Those “breakthrough” projects are the result of the forecast.

Startup by a backbone route and its became the “soul” of Quang Ngai city, to Ha Nang hydropower plant… now is the Dakre hydropower plant (Ba To district) investment up to 2.300 billion VND, capacity 60MW and will connect to the grid in 2017. Probably this is the unique hydropower project of Vietnam in construction phase since … no relocation and the level of influence to forest below permitted level of the Government by 9,5 times (According to the regulation, 1MW affected 10 ha of forest, but for Dakre, 1MW only affected 0,5 ha).

From hydropower, Thien Tan Group leading to “penetrate” in to advance technology (solar power) while this still a completely new area in Vietnam, surprised everyone. August of 2015, a Solar power plant with nearly 900 billion VND invest, capacity 19,2 MW was groundbreaking by Thien Tan Group after 6 years Mr.Lap “go to school” to study models in developed countries such as Thai Lan, Europe, US,… While in the position of Deputy Prime Minister, Mr.Hoang Trung Hai had evaluated this first solar power project of Vietnam will open the path of using renewable energy from solar power, contribute to the goals of our country in 2030: 20% electricity from renewable energy.

Thiên Tân Group continue tổ invest another solar power plant of 1.000 MW capacity, investment reach 40.000 billion VND in Ninh Thuan (First Solar technology – US). This technology said that its belong to alien and Mr.Lap has brought to the Earth. “Very likely, this project will receive funds from Green Climate Fund of UN”, Mr.Lap said.

Quiet, persistent on solid legs through projects that are very pervasive projects to the society. Projects invested by Thien Tan Group base on “the guarantee” of actual needs of society have brought a dream capital after investment for every company at this moment – nearly 10.000 billion VND.

“Therefore, when making money is not the number one priority, people will move into a “softer” invest field – invest for the society. I want to do something to flourish, modern, develop Quang Ngai base on a smart urban model. That the Thien But mountain park, Ngoc island urban area; these 2 projects will completely change the face of Quang Ngai urban, become the urban spatial planning of Quang Ngai in the future”, Mr.Lap said.

Not only that, with the devotion to preserve the status quo, amendments the ruins, against erosion due to climate change in Ly Son island, Thien Tan Group is volunteer sponsoring more than 7 billion VND for Quang Ngai to planning Ly Son, on the other hand, planning a big target of building bridge connect Bé island and Lớn island.

“The funding to build an artificial island will fold a few dozen times of building a new bridge. While we already have the island. Bé island will totally isolated when wind level 3-4 occurred. Now we called for join hands to build a new bridge. Ly Son is the outpost island, every time East sea rampaging, all hearts are head toward Ly Son.” Mr.Lap shared.

Have built uncountable bridges, bút probably the bridge from “Lý Sơn to Hoang Sa” is the bridge he spends most enthusiasm. Every sentence, every word of this nurturing project is uneasy for him, because it’s tied to a sacred word “Sovereignty”.

From a 2,5 billion VND project and now is “super” 20.000, 40.000billion VNĐ projects, with brave steps, bold decisions, Thiên Tân Group has self-improvement to become “a leader” in the journey to awaken potentials, from the finite to infinite!

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