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Thien Tan Group received excellent merit flag in emulation movement of the Government in 2015

 (Internal news | Thien Tan Group) – On April 28th 2016, in Quang Ngai city, Thien Tan Group was honored to receive the merit flag for excellent unit in emulation movement in 2015 by the Government.

At the Conference to summarizing emulation – reward works in 2015, implement missions for 2016 and receive the title Hero of the People’s Armed Forces. Morning of April 28th, Mr.Nguyen Thanh Quang – Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Mr.Le Quang Thich – Permanent Deputy Chairman of People’s Committee and representatives from authorized agencies in Quang Ngai, including Thien Tan Group


Mr.Nguyen Thanh Quang (on the left) and Mr.Nguyen Quang Thich at the Conference to summarize emulation – reward works

From Thien Tan Group, there was Ms.Vo Thi Thanh Nga – Vice Director attended the conference


Among enterprises in Quang Ngai province, Thien Tan Group is the only company has been conferred the title Hero of Labor in renovation period in 2015 by the President of Vietnam.


Representative from Thien Tan Group received merit flag from Permanent Deputy Chairman of People’s Committee

The conference has summarized Emulation and reward works in 2015 in Quang Ngai province with specific results and limitations. Through that, the conference has summarized learned lessons to implement the orientations and tasks for departments, agencies and enterprises in 2016. After that were reports from some units: PTQ, agency of Party sector, Quang Ngai Sugar Joint Stock Company,… Final is the rewards for outstanding achievements in the movement and closing of the conference. Thien Tan Group is one of the first units to receive the honor flag from Permanent Deputy Chairman of People’s Committee for contributions, outstanding achievements in patriotic emulation movement.


The flag is a deserved reward for constantly contributions, dedications from Thien Tan Group

Contributions to the development of Quang Ngai in particular and for the country in general, those enormous dedications of Thien Tan Group to bring sustainable economic has partly been rewarded. This also a honorable reward for continuous efforts from Mr.Huynh Kim Lap – Chairman of the Board has created a strong Thien Tan Group with uncountable contributions in economic and social security in those past 15 years. The flag of honor is an encouragement gift for Thien Tan Group to strive to continue innovating and creating high level projects.


Thien Tan Group has been continuous strive for 15 years under the guidance of Mr.Huynh Kim Lap

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