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Thien Tan Group reported investing projects to the Permanent People’s Committee of Quang Ngai

(Featured content|Thien Tan Group) – On the afternoon of November 11th, Permanent Vice Chairman of PPC – Mr.Dang Van Minh hosted the meeting with Thien Tan Investment Construction JSC on the implementation of Company’s investing projects in the province. At the meeting, there were Mr.Le Quang Thich – Chairman of Vietnam Fatherland Front Provincial’s Committee; leaders from relevant departments.

At the meeting, Mr.Huynh Bao Linh, Director of Thien Tan Investment Construction JSC has summary reported the status of implementation projects investing by Thien Tan in province includes: Thien But Park and Thien Tan ecology urban project; Expanding National Road 1A in form of BOT project; Adjust Tra Khuc riverThien Tan new urban project; Ly Son island planning project and hydropower projects: Đăkre, Đăkre 2, Ba Tieu, Thuong Song Lien; Duc Minh Solar power project. In general, most of the projects encountered problems arising during implementation, in which some projects had been slower than planned.


Permanent Vice Chairman of PPC Mr.Dang Van Minh speaking at the meeting

Reports from departments show that PPC has drastically direct involved local departments to resolve these problems on each project of Company. Many problems have been resolved, compliance with regulations and contribute to speed up the implementation of projects. Some projects are behind schedule due to different reasons, including not been close coordination between investor and departments.


Mr.Huynh Bao Linh, Director of Thien Tan Investment Construction JSC reported the implementation of project

Permanent Vice Chairman of PPC, Mr.Dang Van Minh emphasized: the province’s perspective is always encourage, create favorable condition and support companies to effectively invest, do business in province.

Leader of province, PPC always direct departments to frequently contact, resolve works as fast as possible for companies to boost the investment and quickly complete and put projects in effective operation. Recently, the province has issued many mechanisms, policies to support and incentives for companies invest in Quang Ngai, hold regular meeting with companies to timely answer questions, resolve problems as well as organize investment promotion conference to call for domestic and international enterprises to invest in Quang Ngai province.

People’s Committee appreciated and recognized the contributions of Thien Tan Investment Construction JSC to the overall development of the province in recent years. The province affirmed to implement with highest responsibility to solve existing problems for Company as soon as possible. Request involved departments actively cooperate and support company to implement projects, especially projects with many existing problems.

As for Thien But park project, this project received the attention from local people, PPC confirmed the implementation of relevant items in recent period are compliance with provisions of law and policy of the Standing Committee, Provincial Standing Committee and PPC. PPC has directed and authorized the Department of Construction signed a Memorandum of understanding with Thien Tan Investment Construction JSC to conduct feasibility study report. Once approved, PPC will direct to implement next steps in accordance with the law.

About the policy of Province allowed Thien Tan Investment Construction JSC planting trees in several locations on Thien But mountain is the properly policy to take advantage of favorable weather conditions during rainy season for better growth and development of plants.

Deputy Chairman of PPC recommended Thien Tan Investment Construction JSC to improve corporate governance ability, strengthen human resources to ensure adequately conditions for implementing projects; coordinate with relevant agencies in the implementation of investing projects in the province.

Based on recommendations of investors, assigned PPC’s office advises to PPC to issue guidance written to solve existing problems as soon as possible; assigned Department of Home Affairs to monitor the implementation of the relevant departments. Departments do not fulfill their assigned tasks will take responsible according to Decision No.306-QĐ/TU of the Provincial Standing committee and Decision No.20/2013/QĐ-UBND of PPC.

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