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Thien Tan Group: Support 3 billion VND with “Quang Ngai together for the poor”

(Featured content | Thien Tan Group) – Evening Jan 9th, at the Ceremony to launch the movement “Quang Ngai join forces to build a new rural” and “Quang Ngai together for the poor – No one left behind” term 2016 – 2020, representative of Thien Tan Group, Director Huynh Bao Linh attended and supported 3 billion VND to the program.

The ceremony to launch the movement “Quang Ngai join forces to build a new rural”, term 2016 – 2020 was held by PPC and Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee. At the Ceremony, there were: Provincial Secretary – Mr.Le Viet Chu; Deputy Standing Secretary of the Provincial Party, Mr.Nguyen Thanh Quang; Chairman of PPC – Mr.Tran Ngoc Cang; Chairman of Provincial People’s Council – Ms.Bui Thi Quynh Van; Chairman of Provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee – Mr.Le Quang Thich and leaders of local agencies and benefactors.

The program to build a new rural and many social security programs such as Caring for the poor, disadvantaged people are always receive attention and participation and  from Provincial, Party, Union, local Agencies, social organizations as well as companies and Vietnamese in general and Quang Ngai in particular.

According to statistics by the end of 2016, Quang Ngai has 24 communes meet New rural standards. In 2011-2015, the annual poverty rate decreased 2,94%, mountainous districts decreased 6,42%, current poverty rate is 13,5%, in which mountainous area are 42,76%. However, according to calculation, the poverty rate of Quang Ngai is higher than general rate of the country, the living of people in remote, mountainous areas still difficult.

Therefore, at the Ceremony to launch, Chairman of PPC – Mr.Tran Ngoc Cang was called for manpower and asset contributes from classes of people, companies to implement 2 national targets: Building a new rural and sustainable poverty reduction. Beside, encourage Party, local Agencies, organizations, companies focus on implement advocacy, change perception, Join hand for the poor. Recommend Provincial Fatherland Front, social political organizations to mobilize their members, Union’s members and people to actively participate in movements; local mass media organizations in province coordinate with the Standing Emulation and Reward Council, monitor the implementation of movements launched by local agencies, authorities; continue to strengthen propaganda, praising and replication of advanced models of collective or individual on the new rural construction, sustainable poverty reduction along with “Study and follow ideology, morality  and style of Uncle Ho Chi Minh”…


Chairman of PPC – Mr.Tran Ngoc Cang calling Quang Ngai province implement 2 national programs on new rural construction and sustainable poverty reduction

In the spirit of “The leaves protect the tattered ones”, in response to the movement “Quang Ngai join forces to build a new rural” and “Quang Ngai together for the poor – No one left behind”  term 2016 -2020, at the program, Thien Tan Group has participated in and registered to support 3 billion VND.


Director of Thien Tan Group, Mr.Huynh Bao Linh on behalf of Thien Tan Group registered to support 3 billion VND at the program


Provincial Secretary – Mr.Le Viet Chu gave gratitude flower to representative of Thien Tan Group

Beside the 3 billion VND support for “Quang Ngai join forces for the poor – No one left behind”, in recent years, the desire to help poor people to have a better life, motivations to overcome poverty, Thien Tan Group always deploy charity activities, social securities, promote practice – meaningful movements such as: Tet caring for poor people, sponsor students in Horizon Dream scholarship fund, caring for Vietnamese Heroic Mothers… Those efforts have significantly contributed to improve and upgrade the quality of physical and spirit life for people, reduce poverty rate in Quang Ngai.


Thien Tan Group, companies, organizations support “Quang Ngai together for the poor

According to information, along with Thien Tan Group, other organizations, agencies, companies have supported “Quang Ngai together for the poor” an amount of 22 billion VND.

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