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Thien Tan Group wants to invest 3,000 billion VND to build a bridge over the sea

(Featured content | Thien Tan Group) – The idea of building an oversea bridge connect Bé Island and Lớn Island of Ly Sơn district by Thiên Tân Group and Japan company was agreed by Standing Provincial Party of Quảng Ngãi. With thế initial plan for this oversea bridge, Thien Tan Group expected the investment could reach 3,000 Billion Vnd to ensure a modern infrastructure.

According to Mr.Huỳnh Kim Lập – Chairman of Thiên Tân Group: “The oversea bridge connect Bé island and Lớn island has a length about 4km using prestressed concrete construction technical, comply with the principles of natural heritage conservation and adaptation to complex climate change. The bridge expected to have 2 car lanes and 2 motor lanes, safe structure to ensure easy and convenient for transport to move between 2 islands”. He also shared that this project is expected to have a total investment of 3,000 billion VND and could mobilize funds from NGOs, ODA…


Magnificent but pristine scenery of Bé island

Oversea bridge connect Bé island and Lớn island is a project in the planning of Ly Son island. Therefore, the purpose of planning Ly Son island and build oversea bridge connect 2 islands is create and develop infrastructures, facilitate economic conditions for Ly Son island district.

According to leaders of Quảng Ngãi province. Lý Sơn island is án outpost island, has an important role in protecting national security and has been recognized as a UNESCO Global Geoparks. Accordingly, planning Ly Son island district in the direction of modern– utilities but also protect the environment and landscape, development of marine ecotourism.

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