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Solar power is a big project of Thien Tan Group in the future, opens a new path in the renewable energy industry of Viet Nam. Thien Tan Group has strongly invest, research about this potential green energy.

Solar power is not so strange in the world, many countries such as Japan, Thailand, Germany… have heavily invested in renewable energy projects, Thien Tan Group is the first enterprise in Viet Nam daring to invest in green energy.

Renewable energy has positive feature, no pollution, no noise and no harmful for the environment. Knowing this project could bring many benefits in economic as well as environment, Mr.Huynh Kim Lap – Chairman of Thien Tan Group has research, worked with foreigner experts and has studied abroad in many countries to learn their method, then he returned and established a long-term project for Thien Tan Group to invest in solar power plants.

A daring solar power project investment was immediately approved and supported by the Government, with the National master plan for Power development until 2030 by the Government, as an advantage for Thien Tan Group strongly invest in solar power plants across the country.

On 29/08/2015, Thien Tan Group has a successful beginning when host the groundbreaking ceremony of the first solar power in Viet Nam, the ceremony took place in Mo Duc, Quang Ngai. The solar power plant with capacity of 19.2MW, nearly 1.000 billion VND investment capital. The ceremony honored to have the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Mr.Hoang Trung Hai; Mr.Le Viet Chi, Chairman and Secretary of People’s Committee of Quang Ngai province and leaders from the Government and province participated.

At the ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Mr.Hoang Trung Hai wished the project meet many advantages and will certainly successful.

Another super project of Thien Tan Group will groundbreaking in 2016, the solar power plant in Ninh Thuan province, with capacity up to 1.000MW, initial capital over 2 billion USD, this is project is considered as the major solar energy project in National master plan for power development by the Government. The project is also a big bang for many domestic and foreigner investors to stronger invest in renewable energy industry.

Not just stop there, early of December 2015, Thien Tan Group has sumbited official letter to the Government for advocacy to add 1000MW into the Solar power plant in Ninh Thuan province, double the investment and capacity up to 2000MW. This proposal was also quickly approval and agreed by the Government.

Founder of Thien Tan Group, Mr.Huynh Kim Lap, Chairman of Board, with tireless creativity and contribution for the development of province and country, he brought Thien Tan Group to a whole new level, as evidenced, Thien Tan Group has received the honor title by the Government, first class Labor Order and Mr.Huynh Kim Lap himself was awarded the title Labor Hero of the renovation period.

Energy is never enough for a developing country, with National master plan for power development until 2030 and years after, Thien Tan Group won’t stop at those above projects. With the desire to contribute for a prosperous and stabe country, Thien Tan Group will have more and more solar power projects across the country in the future.

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