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Thien Tan’s Villa Project


Address: Binh Tri and Binh Hai commune, Binh Son district, Quang Ngai province
Date of construction: 2006
Project size: 20 ha
Total investment: 200 billion VND

Thien Tan’s villas built up by requests and directions from Province Party and People’s Committee of Quang Ngai, The projects mainly for lodging, resting of experts from Technip Group, to construct Quang Ngai refinery number 1. This is the first refinery of Viet Nam.

Started construction from the end of 2006 to June of 2007, Thien Tan’s Villas project was completed and handover to Technip Group, made Technip shocked and admirable, timely respond to the housing demand for construction of Dung Quat refinery.


Thien Tan’s Villas serve accommodation for 1000 people and Technip Group has rated this is one of the best service accommodations for Group in the world, designed by the Europe’s standards, Technip was the planner and designer of this project.

Planning area: 20ha, including:
– 72 Villa for senior professionals
– 170 rooms for workers
– 2 utility service areas to serve the needs, including tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pool and other closed utilities.


This project has contributed significantly to the construction progress of Dung Quat refinery number 1 of Quang Ngai province, People’s Committee and Province Party have appreciated this timely support from Thien Tan. The project have magnificent scenery, above 3 star standard, locate at a prime location, very convenient for investors to live and work in Dung Quat Economic Zone now and in the future.


Thien Tan’s Villas has been completed and put into operation photos:


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