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Tu Nghia toll station into operation on 1st of August

(Featured content | Thien Tan Group) – From August 1st of 2016, Tu Nghia toll station, Quang Ngai will go into operation. This toll station owned by Thien Tan – Thanh An B.O.T One member Ltd, a member company of Thien Tan Group.





 Decision allow Tu Nghia toll station begin collect road toll from August 1st by Ministry of Transportation

According to the Decision of the Ministry of Transportation No.2256/QĐ-BGTVT dated July 21st 2016, Thien Tan – Thanh An BOT Ltd is allowed to collect road toll at Toll station Km1064+730 from 0 hours 0 minutes of August 1st 2016. Collect fee, payment, management and using of road toll at Tu Nghia toll station are comply with Circular No.45/2016/TT-BTC dated March 04th 2016.


(Attached to Circular No. 45/2016/TT-BTC dated March 04th 2016 of Ministry of Finance)

Items Vehicles subject to road usage fees Par value (VND / tickets)
One time ticket Monthly ticket Quarter ticket
1 Vehicles less than 12 seats, trucks with load capacity under 2 tons; the public passenger transport bus 35.000 1.050.000 2.835.000
2 Vehicles from 12 seats to 30 seats; trucks with load capacity from 2 tons and less than 4 tons 50.000 1.500.000 4.050.000
3 Vehicles from 31 seats or more; trucks with loading capacity from 4 tons to less than 10 tons 75.000 2.250.000 6.075.000
4 Trucks with loading capacity from 10 tons to 18 tons; Container freight cars by 20 feet 140.000 4.200.000 11.340.000
5 Trucks with load capacity of 18 tons or more; Container freight cars by 40 feet 200.000 6.000.000 16.200.000


Tu Nghia toll station

Tu Nghia toll station was designed, constructed and operated parallel one stop and electronic toll collection to serve diversity needs of vehicle owners. The station also has beautiful scenery, wide lanes to restrict traffic jam. At this moment, infrastructure, facilities and staffs of toll station Km 1064+730 are ready to collect fee.

   Electronic toll collection (ETC) is a radio frequency identification (RFID)    technology developed by US. This is the state to art technology and widely applying on the world.

ETC technology has many advantages compare to other technology such as: low investment, simple procedure, fast identification, accuracy of fee collection up to 99,99% and easily accepted by vehicle’s owners. (RFID card is offer for free),…

Therefore, ETC technology not also suitable with Vietnam’s economic development conditions but also an effective measures to solve the problem of modernization of the road traffic system in Vietnam

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