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Thien Tan Group: Conference to registration for competition covenantal of Trade Union sector 2016

Đăng lúc 12h:0 - Thứ bẩy, 19/03/2016

(Thien Tan Group) – On March 17th 2016, Thien Tan Group has organized Conference to registration for competition covenantal of Trade Union sector 2016 at Group’s headquarter at 172 Pham Van Dong street, Quang Ngai city.

At the conference, there were representatives from Permanent leaders, Policy – Law Committee of Quang Ngai Confederation of Labour and representatives of 12 grass-roots trade unions in sector. From Thien Tan Group, there were the Board of Directors, Cell secretary and head of sector hosted by Thien Tan Group.

The conference hosted by Thien Tan Group

Leader from Thien Tan Group has thanked the fully presence of trade unions in sector. Also wish sector’s leader implements properly assigned functions, missions. Members in sector implemented equitably, fair in the spirit of Superior trade union.

Representative of Thien Tan’s Board of Director speaking at the conference

Representative of Quang Ngai Confederation of Labour welcome the sense of responsibility from members in sector and the leader – Thien Tan Group. In addition, Confederation of Labour also requested compliance on guidelines and policies of Emulation – Reward work, well implement information reporting regime and reward grading as prescribed. The conference also agreed the work plan for union competition in 2016 as well as basis of the draft Regulation on the operation of sector in 2016. Thereby the grass-roots have contributed ideas for innovation content and methods of effectively, practical, solidarity, exchanges working between unions.

To implement the content of competition covenantal express the solidarity spirit between members in sector  as well as promote the development of enterprises, Thien Tan Group has successful completed the role of leader in trade union sector and actively involved in responding to all the movements. Ending the conference, grass-roots trade unions agreed terms and signed the minute of competition covenantal in 2016.

Grass-roots trade unions signed the competition covenantal in 2016 at Thien Tan Group’s headquarter

Thien Tan group