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DakRe hydropower: Thien Tan Group signed economic contracts with Lilama 45.3

Đăng lúc 15h:50 - Thứ năm, 24/12/2015

(Thien Tan Group) – On 22/12/2015 at Quang Ngai took place the signing of economic contract between Thien Tan hydropower JSC (a member company of Thien Tan Group) and Lilama 45.3 JSC.

Representative of Thien Tan Group is Mr.Huynh Kim Lap, Chairman of Board, representative of Lilama 45.3 is Mr.Hoang Viet, General Director.

Mr.Huynh Kim Lap (on the right), Chairman of Thien Tan Group.

Thien Tan Group signed the economic contract with Lilama 45.3 to perform the design, procurement, manufacture and installation of hydro-mechanical equipment of the DakRe hydropower project. The contract worth 141 billion VND, after the signing, the contract will be implemented no later than 01/2016, and Lilama 45.3 has 1 year to complete the works as per contract.

Speaking during the signing of the contract, Mr.Huynh Kim Lap expressed the confident with Lilama 45.3, he wished Lilama 45.3 will perform items on schedule as signed contract, and hopefully Lilama will cooperate more with Thien Tan Group for many projects in the future.

DakRe hydropower located on the area of Hieu commune, Kon Tum province and Ba Xa commune, Ba To district, Quang Ngai province, installation capacity is 60MW, the initial investment is over 2000 billion VND, will begin operate at the early of 2017. Currently, the project is in a very good process.

This is the second collaborative project between Thien Tan Group and Lilama 45.3 after Ha Nang hydropower in Tra Bong district, Quang Ngai province.

Thien Tan Group