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Thien Tan Group: Aiming to become the leading Private Economic Group in Quang Ngai

8h:30 - Thứ ba, 17/03/2015

(Thien Tan Group Group) – 13 years of construction and development, Thien Tan group has continuously contributed to Social – Economic development process of Quang Ngai province. Company’s projects always focus on building and construction, contributed on modern industrialize orientation of Quang Ngai in 2020.

Pho Khanh toll station (Duc Pho) officially in operation from 18-04-2012

8h:15 - Thứ ba, 17/03/2015

(Thien Tan Group) – (QNĐT)- Mr.huynh Kim Lap – Chairman of Board, Director of Thien Tan Investment Construction Joint Stock Company, said: On 13th of April, Ministry of Transportation issued Decision No.807/QĐ-BGTVT allowed Company charging road toll at Pho Khanh Toll Station of Duc Pho district, Quang Ngai province (National Road 1A, km 1108 +040), from 6A.M 18th April 2012

Ha Nang hydropower Plant generated over 11,7 million kwh electricity

8h:0 - Thứ ba, 17/03/2015

(Thien Tan Group) – Mr.Huynh Kim Lap – Director of Thien Tan Investment Construction Joint Stock Company – Owner of Ha Nang Hydropower (Tra Thuy, Tra Bong) said: After nearly 5 months of officially operation, Ha Nang Hydropower Plant reach 90% efficiency compare to installation design. Electric generated from Plant over 11,7 million kWh, revenue reach 6 billion/month.

In seperated sky

12h:0 - Chủ nhật, 15/03/2015

(Thien Tan Group) – Huynh Kim Lap (picture) established company named “Thien Tan”, meaning “New sky”. But through many conversations with Lap, i like calling the company “Seperated sky” because of his personality. But “Seperated sky” is not the eccentric, one person, one space, but how he walks, how he thinks “seperate” from the rest and a success also different with the others. Nearly 15 years, Lap still “Seperated sky”. And his Thien Tan company has very seperate steps that make his colleges and friends must have respect.

Thien Tan company: Receive Labor Order 3rd class

8h:0 - Chủ nhật, 15/03/2015

(Thien Tan Group) – On 2nd of October, Thien Tan Investment Construction Joint Stock Company has celebrated the 10 years anniversary of establishment. Mr.Cao Khoa – Deputy Secretary of Pronvince; Mr.Nguyen Xuan Hue – Chairman of People’s Committee; Mr.Nguyen Hoang Son – Vice Chairman of People’s Comittee; Mr.Nguyen Minh Tuan – Chairman of Vietnamese Fatherland Front Provincial… has attended.