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Thien Tan Group: Aiming to become the leading Private Economic Group in Quang Ngai

Đăng lúc 8h:30 - Thứ ba, 17/03/2015

(Thien Tan Group Group) – 13 years of construction and development, Thien Tan group has continuously contributed to Social – Economic development process of Quang Ngai province. Company’s projects always focus on building and construction, contributed on modern industrialize orientation of Quang Ngai in 2020.

Affirming the brand through projects

Mr Huynh Kim Lap – Chairman of Thien Tan Group

Not only motivate the industrialization – mordernization of the province, Thien Tan Group’s projects also follow Goverment’s orientation focus on improving quality of life, discovery and effective exploitation the potentials of extremely difficult, mountainous, isolate and remote areas, typical the Ha Nang hydropower Plant project (Tra Thuy commune, Tra Bong district).

Recently, Thien Tan is the Owner of National Road 1A Expand Project, this is a priority construction of country to develop economic – social for Quang Ngai and the area; appropriate with planning and transportation develop. The project with 2.138 billion VND budget has groundbreaking, in form of BOT; expected to complete in December-2015. The total length of project is 29,4km, from Km 1063+877 to Km 1092+577 in the areas of Tu Nghia, Mo Duc and Duc Pho district. The road surface width is 24m, 6m each side, 4 motor vehicle lanes, 2 lanes for non-motor vehicles, middle median strip at a speed of 60-80km/h.

Aside from that, Thien Tan has built the Duc Pho’s bypass of National Road 1A, Duc Pho district. This projects motivate economic and help Commune-level town Duc Pho became a District-level Town in 2015 by People’s Committee of Quang Ngai decision; reducing vehicle into town, synchronization of infrastructure, reduce traffic accidents in the area.

All of Thien Tan Group’s projects is speeding up to be on schedule. Mr. Huynh Kim Lap, chairman of Thien Tan Group said: in process of implementing projects, we always favored due to well plans, as well as clearance; especially the support and enthusiastic resposes from local where projects located. And can’t forget the contribution from more than 200 staffs of Company to facilitate the process. Based on clearly define: “Human is the precious resources, is the sources for successful of Company”,  Thien Tan always improve qualifications and skills of employees. Develope employees abilities is an important criteria to help company improves competitiveness, overcome difficulties and challenges to complete projects on schedule.

In association with community benefits

Despite difficulties and working in the mountainous areas, extremely difficult areas but every month, beside the efforts to fulfill targets, plans; Thien Tan has also contribute about 700 million VND/month taxes for Tra Bong district. This is indeed a very encouraging figures for a mountainous investment company as Thien Tan, even more meaningful in the context of difficult economic at present.

Besides, with the view “Sharing with community is Company’s social responsibility”, Thien Tan always leading in Social security activities, happiness for community. Company doesn’t take part in movement activities but implement the reality program, long term benefits for community. Now, the “Horizon Dream” Fund found by Chairman Huynh Kim Lap of Thien Tan Group provide continuously scholarship for 50 students who overcome porverty to study from primary to high school, motivate them to fulfill their dreams, their ambitions. Unlike the other 1 time Fund, “Horizon Dream” will provided monthly with 1 million VND/scholarship /month; Company will support for them until grade 12, in form of community caring. After 2 years, “Horizon Dream” scholarship become a strong morale support and funding for disadvantaged local students.

Currently, Thien Tan capital has reached 3.000 billion VND with 4 member companies; according to plan, in 2 years the capital will reach 5.000 billion VND. Aiming to become the leading Private Economic Group in Quang Ngai, Thien Tan will expand business operation, increase investment-cooperation with Great powers such as England, German, America, Japan, India; particular expand joint venture – cooperate with Japan major corporations such as Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hitachi,.. through big projects in the province. In addition, company also strengthen the development of investment projects that society needs and determine that the right direction. Mr.Lap shared: “Despite no competition in this field, we will still receive hard works and use all sources to complete projects, thereby contribute life quality for community, build our homeland – Quang Ngai  become more prosperous”.

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