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“Human is valuable resource of Thien Tan Group”

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(Thien Tan Group) - Entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap – Chairman of Thien Tan Group has asserted that human resource plays a very important role for the success of Thien Tan Group and is the most valuable asset.

Despite busy for business but Entrepreneur.Huynh Kim Lap still spend time and share his human resource management secret for baotinnhanh.vn.

Reporter: Sir, as I know, currently, your Group includes 5 member companies with 300 staff and over thousand of workers. To manage that big Group, how was your planning?

Entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap: In my opinion, to manage a Group with that much staffs you should have a system. System here is an orderly management from low to high level, meaning that the higher level will be responsible for monitoring, managing, helping to their lower level staff to complete their tasks. And the leader himself should be responsible for closely monitoring the general situation of Group, and immediately discover mistakes to correct in a timely manner.

Entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap

Reporter: In your Group, except the human resource management responsible for managing, monitoring, do you often intervened in the management of staff or not?

Entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap: From the first day of establishment, I usually spend a lot of time to share the managing, working method for my staff because I always have renovation, daring path in business. At the same time, I watched closely working process to build a professional managing system, after the system has been operating smoothly, I don’t care much because they understand and comply with the process that I’ve outlined.

Reporter: How do you rate your staffs? What is the common of your employees?

Entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap: I acknowledge them as powerful factor contribute to the success of the whole Group. My staff must be: Honestly, unity, diligence, creativity, not afraid of difficulties in work.

Reporter: What is your point of view in manage people? Do you think this is a challenge problem?

Entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap: People is a “mysterious” factor, each people has a different personality. Therefore, to manage the development of individual, the collective in a positive path, we must have a proper management method. Mine must have “soft”, “hard”, “humanity”, “reasonable”, reward and sanctioned clearly. I think that, it would be easily to manage a Group if we have strict regulation and our own standards.

Mr.Huynh Kim Lap, Chairman of Thien Tan Group

Reporter: What is your “strategy” in using people? Do you have policies to keep them?

Entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap: Thien Tan Group could success as to day is thanks to the support, hard working, enthusiasm of our staffs. For those employees, staffs have efforts, I reward, exemplary, facilitate a better life condition for them.

Reporter: Please share more about your human resource management, specifically with the irregularities and weakness case?

Entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap: For those irregularity cases (if not exceed specified permit), our Group will give them a chance to realize their mistakes, show them the right path to help them aware of what they are doing. For me, fire a staff is a failure in management mechanisms.

Core staffs of Thien Tan Group in an internal meeting.

Reporter: In working process, the employees with different personalities will have “clash”, contradicting with each other, do your company often encounter this case? Please share your solution in these type of case?

Entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap: As far as I know, living in a strange community will often create clash. Anticipate this, our Group has launched our own regulations, clearly identify individual and common tasks. Therefore, each person has to solve their own problem, and must be coordinated to effective handle common tasks. I evaluate works base on what they done. However, I and the Board of Directors will listen to our staff and help them solve their problem any time. For me, everyone is important and all of them are my invaluable “arms”

Mr.Huynh Kim Lap: “Human is valuable resource of Thien Tan Group”

Reporter: What is your Group’s regimes for staff except the regime prescribed by the State?

Entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap: In addition to insurance benefit under the State regulation, our Group has policies to reward and encourage the efforts of the staff.

Reporter: With difficult circumstances staff, do you have any policy to support them?

Entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap: Our Group always has volunteer trips to support difficult people. Therefore, with difficult staffs of our Group, I’m always willing to assist them. In addition, I will create favorable condition for them to contribute more in work and result in more income form their own abilities. When work at Thien Tan Group, you will have chance to increase your salary because I always encourage efforts in work.

Reporter: Is there any staff that against your management method? Could you share a memorable experience in managing staff?

Entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap: I hope that every plan I made is a breakthrough so the pressure for each employees is nor less. With each project, I always hope to accelerate it sooner than expected, so the implementation plan must always precise in every part of chain and the management process must remain closely. At first, my employees are afraid of my plan, they feared it would be difficult to implement and meet my expected criteria. At that time, I insisted that follow the plan, we will success. Time has proved my words, our Group has more successful project than expected. Since then, my employees have different views about me and trust in my administration, my strategy.

Reporter: Nowadays, graduates are more and more, with young people, do you have any recruitment policy? If so, how do you facilitate them?

Entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap: I always support young people, I know that they have creativity, quick, enthusiasm but inexperienced. Except business, I also wish to train people. Therefore, I always facilitate practical condition, works for students if any of them “care” about my Group. When students work here, I will train and transfer experience to help them integrate in Group’s working system.

Reporter: To promote an employee, what do you base on?

Entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap: To promote someone, I base on their ability, morality, I don’t care much about their degrees. I always considerate, recognize their efforts, contributions for Group and base on the benefit from their jobs for the successful of Group.

Reporter: With your business motto “Eternal Faith”, how do you encourage their motivation?

Entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap: “Eternal Faith” meaning that, have faith, have everything. Myself, I always have faith in future, so I build faith for myself and for other. In every works, I always give faith for my employees, said to them that have faith will receive respect and complete many prestige, quality projects.
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