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Huynh Kim Lap: Teach on the basis of respect

Đăng lúc 8h:0 - Thứ tư, 23/12/2015

(Thien Tan Group) - On an afternoon coffee cup, not business affairs, this time he shared with us how to teach his children.

Good afternoon sir, can you share about your working schedule?

My work schedule is not too tight, all of the management is in system so I only support and give general guidelines.

Do you have to away from home much?

Of course, I usually away from home. I’m unable to sit still due to works.

Mr.Huynh Kim Lap

So, you don’t have much time for family?

Right. I only have 30% on family side, the rest 70% time I spend to works.

And you can’t care much about your children?

With me, family happiness is each member care about each other. Parent care about their children and vice versa. Care here are not necessarily care little by little but through phone, email,… we can still connect. Therefore, despite far way, I still care my children.

What is your teaching principle?

I always teach my children on basis of respect. I didn’t force them follow my path, I want them to pursue their dreams and hobbies. Listen and give suggestions to guide my children is what I always try to.

Mr.Huynh Kim Lap: Teach on the basis of respect

But sometimes, youth hobby is impulsive?

Yes. That why they need guidelines, not imposed. Specially, not easy on them. From childhood, I taught them on traditional platform, orderly, and they are important things shape their personalities.

Do you willing to support them a large capital?

You mean material? Actually, money isn’t what I care for them. I give them advice, experience and reasonable support base on circumstance. Beside as a father, I’m also a businessman. So, I will carefully consider if make an investment, whether it’s for my children.

What do you think about method of educating the children of Vietnamese nowadays?

Most of parents don’t put too much trust in their children. They care too much and guide them to illusion successful. And those children can’t realize their true circumstance and always un a state of heavy pressure.

As a father, what do you want to share with parents on educate method?

I think we should be honest and share the reality with them. Let’s them be independent in the smallest things and take care of them self. Care by watching them silently and timely help when they in need.

Thanks for your sharing!

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