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The golden rule of success

Đăng lúc 8h:0 - Thứ bẩy, 26/12/2015

(Thien Tan Group) - Huynh Kim Lap – Chairman of Thien Tan Group perhaps is not a strange name with businessmen in Vietnam since he was known as a decisive, bold and independent in the marketplace. Each businessman often choose their own secret, the Owner of Thien Tan shared his 5 key principle of success.

First, you have to be yourself. According to Mr.Huynh Kim Lap, the reason why many young people in business is the reverie and asking too much when the ability is very limited. For example, when start up, capital and experience are not much, you have to adjust base on your qualifications and not put your “dream” in large project, work. “Finish small things are the key lead to great success”; Mr.Lap shared.

Entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap.

Secondly, your will must be bigger than your desire. He is the good example for this principle. After a long conversation with him, we found deep in this Chairman is full of desire and willpower. Through ups and downs of life, he said: “Strong will is what help me overcome difficulties in my career, higher will, bigger motivation, you will not only reach those seeable milestones but far away from that limit”. His “secret” of success is indispensable determination, patience and persistence endurance.

Third, brave but not reckless. Not only in marketplace but his living principle is very “unique”.  He said: “A successful businessman is not a reckless, I always appreciated the absolute courage but not reckless”. Indeed, our ancestors throughout history are often said that: “have the nerve to get rich”, and many people thought that “risk” is success. But Huynh Kim Lap thought that, brave and reckless is different, each step of him is built on a solid foundation of wisdom and enthusiasm. We need to face challenges and never stop advancing, but the determination to reach target must be calculated carefully and no “risk” if the risk potential is too high.

Not only on his marketplace but Huynh Kim Lap living principle is very unique.

The fourth principle that Chairman of Thien Tan Group always keep in mind is “neither conceited in victory nor discouraged by failure”. That motto is always right for him in every circumstance. Because of “not conceited”, Thien Tan Group has soar up to new skies in the cooperation and encourage from “brother” companies of province. And because of “not discouraged”, after 14 years, Thien Tan Group has constantly expanding prestige in the marketplace.

Finally, Mr.Lap shared a golden principle as “magnetic needle” for his business: Morality. Chairman of Thien Tan Group is a reality and decisive, however, he’s not a “cold blood” in business. Huynh Kim Lap said that humanity and goodness are important baggage of a successful person. “Money, happiness can’t be built on other tear. Every business man needs money, but for me, money is not my ultimate target. The important thing is what you’ve done for this life” – He emphasized. Words and actions are always go together, Huynh Kim Lap has done many projects for society and he always desire to expand further.

With what has been experienced, Huynh Kim Lap hopes to share and contributed more sincere advice to young people have been and will step to this business path. Dreams of enrichment, success is a legitimate dream and should be encouraged and properly oriented. Along with his 5 golden rules, Huynh Kim Lap gave the young people a better idea about the path of a true entrepreneur.

Thanh Thao – Thiên Tân Group