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Duc Pho bypass road Project

Đăng lúc 12h:48 - Chủ nhật, 12/05/2019

(Thien Tan Group) – The Duc Pho’s Bypass of National Road 1A wasn’t in planning of Ministry of Transportation.

After captured the urgent needs of Duc Pho district and supports from Quang Ngai Committee and Ministry of Transportation, Thien Tan Group and TECCO5 have studied and submitted People’s Committee recommended Ministry of Transportation put in to planning of National Road 1A.

Address: Duc Pho District, Quang Ngai Province
Start day: 21/12/2008
Complete day: 08/04/2012
Project size: 9,761 km
Total investment: 650 billion VND

This bypass road help reduce serious accidents in Duc Pho town at that time and this construction also make Duc Pho meet the requirement to became a provincial town in 2015.

The toll station was built synchronize with 1 stop toll station standard and meet international codes, despite put into operation for years but the station never caused congestion and the traffic is always smoothly.

The toll station gate was modeled after An mountain – Tra river image, a famous scenic spot in Quang Ngai known by many people, domestic tourist and especially international friends, travelers.

3D video of Duc Pho bypass road.

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