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Ha Nang hydropower Project

Đăng lúc 12h:35 - Chủ nhật, 12/05/2019

(Thien Tan Group) – Thien Tan is the Owner and construction of Ha Nang hydropower plant. The supervision and consultants unit is Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 3, Vietnam Electricity. This is an outside project of Energy planning.

After studied, topographic survey and compare the conditions of basin as well as hydrological, Thien Tan group evaluated this is an effective project, then, Thien Tan Group submitted to People’s Committee, recommended Ministry of Industrial and Trade put this project into planning.

Address: hamlet 5, Tra Thuy commune, Tra Bong district, Quang Ngai province
Start day: April 2008
Complete day: 17 September 2010
Total investment: 500 billion VND
Annual output: 70 million KW/year

After put into operation for years, Ha Nang hydropower plant has been rated as 1 of 10 most effective medium and small hydropower plants in Viet Nam.

Running house built by Thien Tan Group meet the standards of Hydropower sector and Quang Ngai DOLISA rated this is one of the best working and supporting of Quang Ngai province.

Thien Tan Group has buildt 104 4A grade houses for minority people, with fully water and adequate sanitation, remove thatch, bamboo, cork house for people in Tra Bong district, Quang Ngai province. Beside houses, each household also received 100 million VND for compensation and support, help ethnic overcome poverty.

Thien Tan Group has built 20m road for transportation, facilitate traffic for people of hamlet 4 and 5 in Tra Thuy commune, Tra Bong district, Quang Ngai province, easy to go to commune committee, in the past, the movement of ethnic here is extremely difficult due to lack of transportation system.

This construction was chosen to label the welcoming of The provincal Congress Party XVIII (2010-2015 Term).

3D Video Ha Nang hydropower project

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