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Thien Tan New Urban

Đăng lúc 0h:19 - Thứ hai, 13/05/2019

(Thien tan Group Group) – With many potential, advantages and policies to attract investment, Quang Ngai has been the ideal destination of the major investors in the country and abroad. In this context, Quang Ngai city- the administrative, political, economic, social and cultural center of Quang Ngai are clearly shown its important role.

Quang Ngai city boundary has been expanded; however, the economic, social infrastructures haven’t been synchronized yet. Consider the demand and ability to investment, potential, advantages as well as challenges, Thien Tan Group has found a location, studied and evaluated the complete investment opportunities for a new urban.
Thien Tan new urban project suggested to build a new center administrative in this area. The Owner will invest complete infrastructure to facilitate best conditions to construct this new center administrative (estimated at 30 ha).
The studied area for construction is about 249 ha; including 3 sections:
+ Section 1: The floating island on the river, an area about 184 ha.
+ Section 2: The riverside south of My Tra – My Khe road, an area about 49ha
+ Section 3: The north of My Tra – My Khe road, an area about 16ha
Develop the Center Administrative is also developing administrative Square and Event Square, water music to organize festivals, cultural events, arts… for the area.
Infrastructure will be synchronized investment, complete transportation, everlasting river embankments, no flood embankments, water supply for urban in type 1 standard, standards drainage and sanitation, attractive landscapes, and will be the new model for the country.
The internal streets on island will be design for 2 lanes (7m) and 8m of sidewalk; footpaths and bicyle road will be designed within the pavement. Maximum traffic safety orientation for this new urban.

Social infrastructure - Center administrative of province

The proposed center administrative in the project area, back against Thien An mountain, head to East-South, the right view (White Tiger) is Thien But mountain and the left (Dragon) is Bau Giang river system… The center administrative is designed wide, spacious, civilization and modern, satisfy all demands of people.

Administrative Square

Administrative square is built in front of center administrative… to create a spatial model for new urban with open landscapes, beautiful, premium infrastructure, expected to design green trees around the square, lakes, ecology environment, fresh air and airy, similar to tourism square model in the world and in the region.

Event square

Planning to build event square and music water area. This square could be used to organize festivals, big events of province, such as parade, Culture-Art field, tourism, outdoor activities and the others…

International school

According to the size of project planning land and neighborhood, owner will construct education facilities. Service radius and safety ensure that students in the area can go to school by themselves without parental transportation. Schools in this area will be synchronized investment, meet international standards, premium facility for schools, library, auditorium, machines, playing yard, facilitate the teaching and offer the best condition for learning and development.

International hospital

Owner will organize and facilitate the best condition to set up a 5 stars international standard hospital in project area. The hospital will have modern facilities, the best conditions for examination and treatment for citizen of planning area as well as people in Quang Ngai province. In the early stage of project, there will have modern specialized vehicles to transport the patient to hospital as quickly as possible.

Amusement park
The Owner is going to invest a complexes amusement park for many ages, especially children. The model is planned to include both static and dynamic space, for playing, entertainment all week days , especially weekends. With a large capacity for local and foreign tourists to spend their time in playing, entertainment space when come to Quang Ngai in the future, along with heritage road, spiritual tourism in landmarks such as Thien An, Thung Thinh pagoda, Thien But park…, will create a wonderful tourism landscape for Quang Ngai, contribute to the development of smokeless industry in Quang Ngai province.

Commercial services – offices center area
Within the economic-social context of area, demand for office rental increase along with urgent need to expand workspace from Owner, Owner will invest and construct a complex high-rise (over 22 floors), commercial, premium services and offices, modern apartments above. This commercial services – offices center area also has fully advanced and modern features, beside the offices, there are many other utilities such as supermarket, recreation area, gym, 4D movie theater, coffee restaurant, shopping synthesis of famous brands in the world, conference and event center, art exhibition hall,… and many other premium utilities. The commercial services center area designed according to the idea of green ecology, with trees around the area and roof garden, create an airy, pleasant for customers to shopping and entertainment, but still feel close to nature.

Khu trung tâm dịch vụ thương mại cao tầng.

Architectural embellishments

Most of the residential areas in project boundary will be embellished, minimum the clearance. Some area unable to embellishment, clearance is required to develop infrastructures then resettle in project area boundaries. Owner will support households in the project area to re-construct to permanent housing, design the best to prevent disasters; aesthetic simultaneously, including street garden… to serve the development of area landscape in project area.

The contiguous residential areas

The contiguous residential areas are focused on deployment to meet the needs of officers, high-level workers, technical engineers in the region. Despite contiguous, each plot is about 250 m2. There will be gardens, trees, walking paths to improve the quality of life for community in project area.


Owner is going to construct a luxury residential as villa, each plot is about 500-700 m2, beautiful scenery, convenient for high income families, the families of experts in the project, industrial…

Residential in combination with the service and tourism

The east-north residential is expected to be a water city, contiguous constructions, one hand is contact with road, the other hand is river. 1st and 2nd floor will head to the river, canal will develop commercial tourism with chain food stores… and the upper floors can be use for living or hotel, any type of residence. Owner wishing to invest in this area, so in the future, this area will develop a strong tourism base on river advantages such as the water city Suzhou (China), Venice (Italia), Amsterdam (Netherlands). Develop tourism activities such as travel boats, floating culinary, boats for rent, drop floating lanterns. This tourism area will serve the sleepless demand for local and foreign tourists.

Golf training ground

To develop this high-level sport in the future, Thien Tan Group will arrange a golf training ground with 7 ha area. Meet the essential demand for people who love this sport and create more trees in project area.

Security, safety measures

Project is a closed urban, 24/24 protective measures. Apply high technology and security measures in supervision, tracking throughout the area.

Thien Tan new urban project will create momentum to urbanized in area, forming the ecology – administrative – new services, modern urban associated with An mountain – Tra river; exploit land to construct infrastructure, create favorable conditions to build administrative, commercial, service, residential, education, medical center and entirely consistent with economic-social development trend, change the city appearance, upgrade Quang Ngai urban.

3D video Thien Tan new urban

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