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29 km of National Road 1A Expand through Quang Ngai Project will ahead of schedule 4 months

Đăng lúc 12h:0 - Thứ ba, 17/03/2015

(Thien Tan Group) – Thien Tan – Thanh An BOT Privated Company (Quang Ngai) confident “finish” at least 1 month sonner compare to planned schedule from Quang Ngai province.

Noting of Traffic newspaper’s reporter, the pace of construction on this route is accelerating and contractor already prepared respond measures with rainy season. Thien Tan – Thanh An’s objective is finish lastest in August 2015, ahead 4 months of Government plan.

National Road 1A Expand through Quang Ngai Project invested by Thien Tan – Thanh An BOT Privated Company, has 29 km in length, including 3 bidding packages, so far has constructed 25 km, in which 11km was gravel and prepare to asphalt.

According to Mr.Huynh Kim Lap, Chairman of Board Thien Tan Group, after this year rainy season, that 25km will be finished. Currently, 200 workers is mobilized everyday to leveling, roll, incremental launching prepared.

Workers are speeding up, happy on site.

According to Thien Tan-Thanh An BOT Privated Company, still struggle 4km of clearance. Owner construct water drainage system first. When its sunny and handover the ground, the Owner will put efforts and finish in 1 month.

According to Mr.Duong Thanh Hong, Vice Director of Thien Tan-Thanh An BOT Privated Company, the investment of 12 billion in Automatic concrete batching help company own the schedule and ensure construction quality.

Hundreds of asphalt barrels (Shell Singapore) imported from Singapore gathered and wait to put into use. The Owner accepted 2.000 VND/kg higher than other products but ensure the best quality.

Hundred thousands of m3 sand, stone have been gathered at the Automatic concrete batching area to ensure the supplies source when rainy season come.

Median strip was precasted, waiting for finishing day. Owner said, there are always backup plan and materials on site.

According to Mr.Lap, Project has finish over 50% workload and those are the hardest parts. The rest mostly is asphalt. We are striving our best to complete the project ahead schedule at least 4 months, ahead of province plan 1 month.

Traffic safety is heavily considerate by Owner. Signs, poles, warning, duty mans are set up all over the projects.

Owner shared, with strictly supervision from Ministry of Transportation, Transport engineering construction and quality management bureau, Owner has detected and corrected errors promptly.

When its sunny season, we will focus on leveling, when rainy we will do gravel, and bridges. Wait for sunny come, we will asphalt… That is one of many method to help 29km National Road 1A of Quang Ngai ahead of schedule.

Xuan Huy – Duy Loi – Traffic Newspaper