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Resolving problems for Thien But Park and Thien Tan ecology urban

Đăng lúc 8h:0 - Thứ hai, 12/12/2016

(Thien Tan Group) – PPC’s office has announced the conclusion of Standing Vice Chairman of PPC – Mr.Dang Van Minh at the meeting to listen to reports and resolve problems in the implementation of Thien But Park and Thien Tan ecology urban project

Accordingly, Standing Vice Chairman of PPC has agreed to use land in Truong Chinh street, belong to Technical infrastructure for Residential of Bau Giang – Cau Moi street project to arrange for people in compensation list, clearance for Thien But Park and Thien Tan ecology urban project.

The perspective of Thien But Park and Thien Tan ecology urban project

Assigned Department of Financial assumes the prime responsibility, coordinate with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Quang Ngai investment construction & Services trading One Member Ltd Co to study, compare with current regulations of the Government to advice PPC to review and make decision on the land allocation, land use charge for mentioned units, companies before December 20th 2016.

To ensure the design of constructions and Quang Ngai’s 12 scenic models, assigned the Department of Construction and requested Thien Tan to coordinate with Consultant to design and complete Exhibitors, submit to PPC for approval, decide. Study, complete the design of Quang Ngai’s 12 scenic models, sumbit to Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism after finished to host, form an Advisory council to evaluate and advise PPC to review, approval as the basis for implementing the next steps.

Regarding the implementation schedule project of Thien But park and Thien Tan ecology urban, assigned Department of Construction actively urge Thien Tan Group and relevant agencies to urgently finalize the procedure, ensure the submission of Feasibility Study before January 31st 2017.

Assigned the Department of Construction to chair, draft documents. PPC requested Quang Ngai Provincial Youth Union and Pham Van Dong University urgently provide documents and procedures relate to assets, land of 57 households in Quang Ngai Provincial Youth Union’s collective quarters and Pham Van Dong University’s collective quarters before December 20th 2016.

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