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(Thien Tan Group) – Sharing with enternews.vn after signed agreements for solar power projects with First Solar (US) worth $ 35 million for the 1st solar power plant of Vietnam, Mr.Huynh Kim Lap, Chairman of Thien Tan Group said: Optimize production and business efficiency, Thien Tan Group has self-improvement to become “the leader” in the journey to wakeup potentials, from finite to infinite.

Mr.Huynh Kim Lap – Chairman of Thien Tan Group

Mr.Huynh Kim Lap shared: I back to my hometown to begin my “start-up” wish.

–In only 10 years, Thien Tan Group has created many breaking points and all fruitful “harvested”, so where is the “key” sir?

As a businessman, we need to know how to overcome difficulties, dare to dream. Breakthrough, creative and extraordinary thinking along with faith have bring successful. I believe in my “forcast” ability and try my best with my chosen path.

For example in 2002, the shrimp on sand which people thought was unrealistic, impossible, with that bold idea, we harvest 15 tons/ha/season and stunned every people, even experts on aquaculture. That was an unmatched productivity in Quang Ngai. Until now, this model has been widely spread to farmers, help them receive a relatively stable income.

–Your start up path seem without failure, however, people easily beset by hubris, how can you wake up your inner potential?

Free trade agreements (FTA) and Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) signed recently are important premise for Vietnam enterprises engaged in global value chains

The Government is aggressively innovating, we can’t keep old thinking of exploiting natural resources or cheap labor. Vietnam needs to develop, reach a new level. Therefore, companies need catch up to regional and international standards, be dynamic to swim in the ocean.

Thien Tan has well prepared for this opportunity. Specific, recently we have proposed to invest in expanding Chu Lai airport with CAPEX nearly $ 1 billion. Thien Tan also signed agreements for solar energy projects with First Solar (US) worth $ 35 millions for the first solar power plant in Vietnam and a $ 2 billion solar power plant in Ninh Thuan, capacity 1000MW

With continuous efforts, Mr.Huynh Kim Lap has received honorable titles from the Government: Hero of Labor in renovation period; Outstanding Vietnamese businesspeople 2016.

–A new territory with many challenges requires innovate, extraordinary solutions?

“Stand on the shoulders of giants” is the shortest way for Vietnam’s companies breakthrough and integrate with international. We have good partner for cooperate, accompany as a commitment for success. The signing agreements for Solar power projects with First Solar (US) on the occasion of POTUS Barrack Obama to Vietnam recently is the fruits of absolute trust in business relationships that been tested over a long period.

Thien Tan also actively selected modern technologies to enhance economic efficiency and environmental protection. Germany friends said, the sunlight absorbed technology and convert into electricity of First Solar is alien technology, but I want to bring that “alien” things to the Earth, serve people. The ability of each business is limited, but potential, intelligence, human creativity is infinity. The development of technology is changing the mode of manufacture and cleared away the traditional barriers, which small companies can grow faster, have more advantages. Principles of big guys dominate in business is being replaced by creativity and professionalism. Grasp the trend of integration, the trend of World’s science to organizational, administration effective strategic vision… are the urgent requirement, vital to the companies. Thien Tan is trying to follow this direction as a strong commitment to restructuring activities, to further improve business efficiency and successful participation in global value chains.

–So what is the biggest challenge for you in your future journey?

Myself! Thien Tan Group as well as myself  have to continuous improving to become “the leader” in the journey to wakeup potentials, from finite to infinite.

– Thank you sir!

 * In 2000, Mr.Huynh Kim Lap founded Thien Tan Ltd Co, mainly working in investment construction with budget only 2,5 billion VND. Now, Thien Tan Investment Construction Joint Stock Company (Thien Tan Group) is considered as the largest company in Quang Ngai, with many thousand billions VND projects. Thien Tan Group has 5 member companies: Thien Tan hydropower One member Ltd, Thien Tan BOT JSC, Thien Tan BOT Ltd, Thien Tan hydropower JSC and Thien Tan Land.

* The first achievement of Thien Tan in Quang Ngai is Thanh Co – Nui But street (change into Pham Van Dong street in 2005) in city center, initial investment only 2,5 billion VLD. Now, this street doesn’t only the widest, most beautiful street invested by Thien Tan but also the backbone street for Quang Ngai to planning urban space to the East, create modern, neat, clean, open residential.

* Ha Nang hydropower plant, CAPEX 450 billion VND, not only waked up a large Western area of Quang Ngai but also create the path for private hydropower projects, form the most efficiency hydropower plants in Vietnam. Thien Tan Group proactively invested in high level housing in Van Tuong urban, Dung Quat EZ. CAPEX 350 billion VND, built 72 villas and fully rented immediately after finished by Technip’s experts (France) for staying to build Dung Quat refinery.

* Thien Tan Group is the first enterprise to build the by pass road of Duc Pho town, CAPEX 650 billion VND. After completed, the quality is beyond expectation, hence, Thien Tan Group continued take part in the expanding National Road 1A from Tu Ngia – Thach Tru, CAPEX up to 2.200 billion VND.

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