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Hero of the laborers

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(Thien Tan Group) – “Human Resource is the most valuable asset of the company” is the affirmation of Mr.Huynh Kim Lap – Hero of Labour in renovation period – Chairman of Thien Tan Investment Construction JSC about labour role to the development of company.

Workers are valuable assets

Mr.Huynh Kim Lap – Chairman of Thien Tan Investment Construction JSC is not a strange name to businessmen in Vietnam with large scale projects such as: Ha Nang hydropower plant, Mo Duc solar power plant, Thien But park and Thien Tan ecology urban… and his earned achievements. Established in 2000, Thien Tan Investment Construction JSC founded by Mr.Huynh Kim Lap with only 2,5 billion VND and a few workers. But after 16 years of continuous developing under Mr.Lap leadership, Thien Tan has 6 member companies and created jobs for hundreds people. The owner of this thousands billion company always modest for his successful and said those achievements are thanks to the support, hard word and enthusiasm of all employees in the company.

Mr.Lap said: “Human resources are valuable asset to the company and myself, everyone is important and they are my “right hand”, good employees are always recognized and receive bonus, glorify, help them have a better life”.  Therefore, beside insurance regime under the provisions of the Government, Thien Tan Group always have private policies to encourage the effort of staffs. Thien Tan has a lot of voluntary trip to support struggle people. Hence, for tough employees, Mr.Lap always willing to support. In addition, Thien Tan creates opportunities for them to contribute more and earn from their own skills. As a result, “fire some one is a failure in management mechanism” for Mr.Lap.

Mr.Lap at the ceremony to receive the title Vietnamese Typical businessman 2016.

Companion of the Union

Refer this honorable president as “Hero” for labour is not exaggerating at all. He always the companion with Thien Tan’s Union, continuously improve the working environment, strengthening training, build a professional system, care about physical – spirit life for employees, build a healthy culture environment in company. Regarding hygiene and safety for employees at work have always been focus, staffs are well equipped with protective clothing, tools according to occupational categories… For “Hero” Lap, each employee is powerful factor contribute toward the success for whole company. Together with the Union, he always care for life, income of employees, from mid-shift meal, organizing tours, holidays for employees in special occasions, to cultural, arts, sports activities… Moreover, he specially cares, supports staffs with disadvantaged, serious illness… Those practical actions are prove of Mr.Lap to accompany with the Union for the benefit of employees not only cliché slogan but practical, effective and meaningful.

Mr.Nguyen Van Ta – Chairman of Thien Tan Investment Construction JSC’s Union said: “Chairman Huynh Kim Lap is not only a typical businessman, dedicate to work but also a hero for employees in the company. He always closely accompany with the Union to listen and understanding the wish of employees. He is willing to create opportunities for employees to use their skills to increase income, have a better life. The average salary of Thien Tan’s employee is 8,2 million VND/person/month.”

Những danh hiệu cao quý như: Chủ doanh nghiệp tiêu biểu, Anh hùng lao động thời kỳ đổi mới, Doanh nhân tiêu biểu do nhà nước trao tặng là phần thưởng xứng đáng cho những đóng góp và nỗ lực không ngừng của ông Lập vì cuộc sống của người lao động. Đối với ông sự hỗ trợ công đoàn chính là hỗ trợ mình, bởi lẽ mục đích cuối cùng của các hoạt động mà công đoàn thực hiện cũng đều vì lợi ích của người lao động, mà người lao động chính là tài sản quý giá là yếu tố quyết định đến sự thành công hay thất bại của doanh nghiệp. Bởi vậy ông luôn là người “anh hùng” tiên phong song hành cùng Công đoàn vì quyền lợi của người lao động.

Honorable titles such as: Typical Company Owner, Hero of Labour in renovation period, typical businessman award by the Government were deserved award for continuously contributions and efforts of Mr.Lap for worker’s life. For him, support the Union is support himself, because the final target of Union’s activities are for benefits of worker, and workers are the most valuable assets, are the decisive factor in the success or failure of company. Therefore, he always becomes the “Hero” pioneer with the Union for benefits of worker.

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