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Entrepreneur Huỳnh Kim Lập was honorably awarded the title Hero of Labour

Đăng lúc 8h:0 - Thứ hai, 5/10/2015

(Thien Tan Group) - On 03/10/2015, Mr.Huynh Kim Lap, Chairman of Thien Tan Group was hornorably awarded the title Hero of Labor in renovation period of country from the Government, this is a deserved reward for his contributions to Quang Ngai in particular and the country in general for over 15 years. Also on this day, Thien Tan Group found by Mr. Huỳnh Kim Lập also honored received the first-class Labor Order.

Huynh Kim Lap, was born and raised in a poor countryside of Nghia Hoa commune, Tu Nghia district, Quang Ngai province, located in the Central cover in rain and sun of inclement weather. After graduated from the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, he wandered around Sai Gon city looked for an opportunitie but at the end of 1990, he decided to come back to Quang Ngai to build his own dream.

Mr.Huỳnh Kim Lập – Chairman of Thien Tan Group (middle) on behalf of the Group received the first class Labor Order.

With only small amount of capital accumulated, in 1997, Mr.Lap has made a capital contribution with a private company to invest in Thanh Co – Nui But project, including a route named after former Prime Minister Pham Van Dong, largest scale of Quang Ngai at that time. However, until 2000, when the project just completed about 60%, the private company has been struggled and withdrew, proposed to cease the project. Mr.Lap proposed and got the acceptance from Provincial to continue the project. Mr.Lap decided to establish the company named Thien Tan with only 2,5 billion VND in capital. This project was right on schedule outlined by company, created a big push for Thien Tan to soar into the sky until today.

Mr.Huynh Kim Lap (right) hornorably awarded the title Hero of Labor in renovation period of country.

With prestige and dedication, plus his visionary, Thien Tan has invested, constructed and completed many large scale projects, contributes to Quang Ngai and creates a lot of jobs for people, typical projects such as shrimp on sand, bypass road of National Road 1A, Thien Tan expert villas project, expanding National Road 1A, Ha Nang hydropower project, Dakre hydropower project… have increase Thien Tan Group capital up to 6.000 billion VND in the early of 2015. On 29/08/2015, Thien Tan Group has held groundbreaking ceremony of the first solar power plant in Viet Nam, this project is implements in his hometown with nearly 1.000 billion VND investment, after years of study about renewable energy sources, Mr.Lap decided strongly invest and boldly development orientation, consider this would be the main direction of Thien Tan in the future. As Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai commented at the ceremony, Viet Nam needs a steady and abundant energy source to become a sustainable country, and he believes this project and the direction of Thien Tan will definitely success and positive contribute to the country development.

Entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap.

Mr.Huynh Kim Lap has strongly invested in the Ninh Thuan solar power plant with capacity of 1.000 MW, the initial capital to implement reached 2 billion USD, the project bring a sustainable direction for Thien Tan Group and greatly contribute to the country’s long-term energy development.

With these excellent achivements, Thien Tan Group has received the first-class Labor Order and Mr.Huynh Kim Lap – Chairman of Thien Tan Group was awarded the Hero of Labor in renovation period. A worthy reward for his tireless efforts over 15 years as well as employees from Thien Tan Group, this award is a great motivation for Thien Tan Group to devote more daring projects in the future.

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