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Entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap with “Horizon Dream”

Đăng lúc 8h:45 - Thứ bẩy, 14/03/2015

(Thien Tan Group) – Mr.Huynh Kim Lap-Chairman of Board of Thien Tan Investment Construction Limited Company, not only an excellent entrepreneur but his reputation in charity and humanitarian has echoed out of Quang Ngai province’s border.

Chairman of Board Thien Tan Group presents schoolarship for students who overcome poverty.

I still remember, that was 2000, Quang Ngai town (hasn’t been a city that time) has difficulty when built the biggest street named Pham Van Dong and has to stop the project. At that moment, entrepreneur Huynh Kim Lap asked for permission from People’s Committee to continue the Project and established Thien Tan Investment Construction Limited Company with only 2,5 billion VND initial budget. He and more than 10 co-workers has rushed into works, from raised capital, hired machinery, wokers to complete Pham Van Dong street on time.

From that very first street till now, many Projects has been set up by Thien Tan, they are Thien Tan luxury villas and worker cottages for more than 800 professionals and workers of Technip Group, the company which built Dung Quat refinery number 1; Ha Nang hydropower plants in Tra Thuy communce, Tra Bong district; Duc Pho’s bypass of  National Road 1A, and ĐăkRe Hydropower Plant (capacity of 60MW) in Kontum and Quang Ngai provinces… with the total investment of 2.194 billion VND. In just 10 years, Chairman of Board, Director Huynh Kim Lap with the company has created too much miracles.

Huynh Kim Lap, born in 1965 at a poor countryside of Nghia Hoa commune, Tu Nghia district, Quang Ngai provice. From the day of established Company, he always said to himself:”My company must contribute for hometown”. Inculcate on his parents words: “When you have fortunes, don’t forget the poor, love them like yourself”. Therefore, he and the Company always take care of the humanitarian activity, sympathy with life-struggle people. He keep in mind that, charity is depend on each people circumstances to have particullaly activity to help them in tough time. Mr.Lap and Company help martyr’s children, victims of Agent Ogrange, contribute to Scholarship Fund for student who overcome poverty, Children Fund, support remote people where frequently of calamity, flood and many charity activities held by the Polictical organizations and Provincial.

In 2011, Company has collaborated with PTQ (Quang Ngai Television and Boardcast) held the Program “Horizon Dream”. Through this program, Company has contributed 7,2 billion VND to help rise 50 students who have especially struggle life to went to school. With this program, each students can receive 1 million VND/month scholarship and up to grade 12, community raising. This is a new method has been apllied in many places.

When doing bussiness, Thien Tan put the “Faith” on top, and when doing gratitude, charity activities, “Heart” will take place. Along with production bussiness, life assurance for employees of company, Mr.Huynh Kim Lap always encourages the Company to perform moral “When you eat a fruit, think of the man who planted the tree”, “Gratitude”. Particullaly is the gratitude activities: Extract wages and Company welfare funds to build charity, gratitude houses for people under preferential treatment policies.

Thien Tan also extracted profit to contributed 150 millions VND to “Union Home” Fund of Province, attract attentions from society to wokers and Union activity. With those achivements, Company has received certificate for outstanding achivement in “Builders, Officers, Workers” Movement and Union activity; Chairman of Quang Ngai People’s Committee awarded the certificate of Typical Enterprise 2012.

Throughout the growth and development, Thien Tan Company has expanded many fields in manufacture, bussiness; investment coooperation with countries such as: England, German, America, Japan, India, China… It is expected in the next 2 years, the capital sources of the company will reach 5.000 Billion VND. Orientation in the future, Company will cooperate with some country such as German, America, Japan to invest in energy, high-technology field. From June-2013, Company has changed the logo to commensurate with the trend of development in the form of Economic Conglomerate.

With more than 12 years as a Chairman and Director, Mr.Huynh Kim Lap has leading the company to be bigger everyday. Mr.Lap himself has received Labor Order 3rd class, nominated as a Cultural Entrepreneur, Viet Nam Typical bussinessman in 2006; “Kindness-Talented Bussinessman” in 2009

Nowsadays, Thien Tan Investment Construction Joint Stock Company with skillful officers, active, creative, dare to think – dare to do has built up very strong Trademark, people take consider and support our productions, and meets the increasing demands from society, contributed to the local economic development.

Yen Tuyet – Journal of Industry and Trade