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Entrepreneur skill and spirit

Đăng lúc 9h:45 - Thứ ba, 17/03/2015

(Thien Tan Group) – In the past years, provincial entrepreneurs have contributed alot for the economic-social development of Quang Ngai. On the occasion of Viet Nam business this year, Quang Ngai newspaper would like to introduce 2 of 7 outstanding entrepreneurs of province was praised in Viet Nam business day on 13 October.

Mr.Huynh Kim Lap – Chairman of Board, General Director of Thien Tan Investment Construction Joint Stock Company:

“Predestinied love tie with hometown”

Just like many others successful entrepreneurs, Mr.Huynh Kim Lap – Chairman of Board, General Director of Thien Tan Investment Construction Joint Stock Company built things up with his own hands. However, due to the dynamic, dare to think, dare to do, now, company’s total capital has reached 6.000 billion VND and being the Privated Company with biggest investment projects in Quang Ngai.

Mr.Huynh Kim Lap

Mr.Lap shared his business life: In 1990, after graduated, he worked in Ho Chi Minh city and Binh Duong. In those years, thanks to enthusiastic youth, he always succeeded in jobs and company entrusted him with many important projects. However, despite successful business there, “Hometown” always in his mind, its like a debt and he determined back to hometown to set up business.

In 2000, he came back and established Thien Tan Privated Company to fulfill his dream, main business is investment and construction. The initial budget is only 2,5 billion VND. Despite that, he said to himself, money isn’t problem, its the quality and prestige from my projects.

Thanh Co- But Mountain street project, now is Pham Van Dong street is his very first construction in hometown and was highly appreciated by provincial leaders. And this also the key construction of Quang Ngai when strived to became City.

“It is the first step that costs”, after successful of Thanh Co – But Mountain street project, he decided to invest into Dung Quat. In 2001, when Dung Quat still unexplored, unconcerned from investors, he dare to invest 20 billion VND to set up infrastructures, contributed into Dung Quat Economic Zone development. Those villa solved the puzzle of accommodations for professionals and engineers of Technip Group to construct Dung Quat refinery..

Perspective of expand, upgrade National Road 1A through Quang Ngai project, BOT segment Owner by Thien Tan-Thanh An Company, expected to complete in August 2015

Not only in construction, he also invested in the field of fisheries with “Shrimp on sand” project. This project has shocked many “Experts” in fisheries because its scale and economic efficiency. Though that was enough, because there was no company in province has that successful. And then, he shocked them again when decided to invest in a very newborn field, hydropower.

He said, Government allowed enterprise to invest in construct hydropower plant, contribute to power output of Country, this not only reduce shortage in energy for country but also bring profit for enterprise. And Ha Nang hydropower project has set up in Tra Thuy mountainous, Tra Bong district, and officially connected to National grid.

Not stop there, he continue investing in construct Duc Pho’s Bypass National Road 1A  through Quang Ngai province with 10km in length. This is the first BOT of Quang Ngai with the total budget of nearly 580 billion VND.

Now, he implementing 2 more big projects, one is Đăkre hydropower plant with 60KW capacity in Konplong district, Kontum province and Ba To district, Quang Ngai, with total investment over 2.200 billion VND. This is the first out of border project. It is expected that this project will complete and connect to National Grid at the end of 2016.

Another priority project is Expand, upgrad National Road 1A in form of BOT, with 30km in length, from La Ha town to Duc Pho town. Total investment up to 2.140 billion VND. He shared, with this schedule, it is expected that that this construction will complete in August.2015 and put into operation, ahead of schedule 4 months.

Not only successful in project investment, he also now as a charity man. Since established, he has given billions to social charity, gratitude activities. Especially “Horizon Dream” scholarship program found by Mr.Lap to support orphans, extremely difficult life student keep studying, highly appreciated by province and people. He has contributed more than 7,2 billion VND for this program and in 2014, he has took care of 10 Vietnamese Heroic Mothers.

With those achievements, he has received many awards from Goverment and Province.

M.Toan – Quang Ngai Newspaper