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Golden land with shocking price: Only 5 million VND/m2 in Quang Ngai

Đăng lúc 8h:45 - Thứ ba, 17/03/2015

(Thien Tan Group) – Located in the prime location of the Quang Ngai city center, but the land price in Thien Tan ecology Urban only 5 million VND/m2, 500 million VND/plt (100m2).

According to Mr.Huynh Kim Lap, Director of Thien Tan Investment Construction Joint Stock Company (T.I.C), Thien Tan ecology Urban is only part of a project T.I.C going to implement with 48,5 ha in toal. The total investment is estimated at 675 billion VND.

Mr. Huynh Kim Lap – Chairman of Board Thien Tan Group, Owner of Thien Tan ecology Urban.

– Numerous of residential projects in Quang Ngai city area are falling into “Half alive, half dead”, why T.I.C still doing this project?

A few years ago, leaders of People’s Committee of Quang Ngai province has suggested T.I.C participate in building a quality residental to solve the housing demanding for people, and decorating for the city landscape. So after researched, i accepted and implemented this project.

– So T.I.C build this project to decorate the city landscape?

As a enterprise, investment must bring profits. However, as a local company, T.I.C really wants to do something for our hometown, especially when Quang Ngai city is striving to become second class municipal city. So profits isn’t everything T.I.C expected from this project.

– People said that T.I.C invest a fortune to real estate at this difficult times is very risky?

The real estate market frozen due to various reasons, doesn’t because of land demanding from people run out. i affirmed the demand of land for building in Quang Ngai is still very much. The investment in Thien Tan ecology urban isn’t something out of blue, temporary, but has been studied by T.I.C in a long time.

– What is the advantages of Thien Tan ecology urban compare with others ongoing residential project?

Beside “Golden” position in center of Quang Ngai city, this project have an unique advantage. The area for residental just nearly 30% total area of the project. The rest for park, natural mountains, with more than 15ha; infrastructures for social such as schools, flower gardens…  In other words, this is a model residential, with modern infrastructures, standard landscape and environment.

– What is the price, customer and if by any chance, will the project fall into unmarketable situation like the other ones?

Despite high standards of residential, T.I.C target is the medium customers, ordinary officers. Therefor the price isn’t high, even lower than the other residential projects in operating about 1-2,5 million VND/m2. Specifically, the land price T.I.C intends to announce is 5 million VND/m2, equivalent 500 million VND/plot (100m2). With those advantages, i believe the project will attract customers.

– People said that T.I.C is going to implement many big projects, so invest into real estate is not possible?

The information T.I.C going to invest into some big projects in Quang Ngai is exactly. But as i said, Thien Tan ecology urban project has been planned for a long time ago, so we won’t have any troubles while simultaneously deploying with other projects. T.I.C will facilitate for people in need. Customers can choose different payment, such as fully paid, installment,… T.I.C will also coordinate with local banks  to facilitate in loan process. All procedures were completed, submitted to the provincial authorities and waiting for approval.

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