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Quang Ngai: Effort to construct National Road 1 ahead of schedule

Đăng lúc 9h:30 - Thứ ba, 17/03/2015

(Thien Tan Group) – VOVGT – At this time, Thien Tan – Thanh An BOT Privated Company is focusing on speeding up the project, striving to finish ahead of schedule.

National Road 1A Expand project, from Km1063+877 to Km1092+577 in form of BOT, Owner is Thien Tan – Thanh An BOT Privated Company is speeding up. Until now, workloads of 30km has been finished 40%, specially gravel, Thien Tan – Thanh An BOT Privated Company has completed 70%.

Mr.Huynh Kim Lap, Chairman of Board Thien Tan Group – Owner of project said: “This is a National priority project, when decided to invest in this, Thien Tan has carefully prepared in implementation process. There are always backup machines and equipments on site, avoid disrupting due to breaking down. With this schedule, definitely complete on 30 Sep 2015”.

Quang Ngai is striving to ahead of schedule 3 months (Artwork)

Tien Cong (Permanent resident in the Central) – VOV