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Thien Tan Group: Multidisciplinary for one objective

Đăng lúc 10h:0 - Thứ ba, 17/03/2015

(Thien Tan Group) – Successful in many fields and being the leading in construction-investment in Quang Ngai, Mr.Huynh Kim Lap – Chairman of Board Thien Tan Group affirmed: Multidisciplinary but our highest objective is contributed the most we could for social-economic development process of Quang Ngai.

Mr.Huynh Kim Lap – Chairman of Board Thien Tan Group.

After 15 years since established, Thien Tan Group has became the leading Economic Privated company in Quang Ngai. Until now, just the Projects in Quang Ngai invested by Thien Tan is up to 4.000 billion VND. Not only that, those projects also according to Government orientation, focused on upgrade life quality for people, explore and exploit potential of extremely harsh, mountainous, remote, isolated areas.

Beside those projects, Thien Tan is the Owner of National Road 1A Expand Project. This is the National priority project necessary to develop economic-social of Quang Ngai province and area; with the total capital up to 2.138 billion VND, in form of BOT. It is expected to be completed in December 2015.

According to Mr.Huynh Kim Lap – Chairman of Board Thien Tan Group: Harsh, difficult environment motivated people to overcome. Thien Tan Group proven that with enthusiatic, faith and effort, successful will come.

– With those achievements, what is the challenges Thien Tan has overcame, Sir?

All of Thien Tan projects are speeding up to be on shcedule. In implementation process, things went smoothly due to well prepared. That because we choose very carefully. Thien Tan invest what social need, not what we have. On the other hand, we have profession, experienced staffs. Based on clearly define: “Human is the precious resources, is the sources for successful of Company”, Thien Tan always improve qualifications and skills of employees.

With Thien Tan, improve quality of human resources also an important criteria to help companies improve competitiveness, overcome all difficulties and challenges to complete projects on schedule.

I’m not a risky man so i won’t do anything unsafe.

The biggest challenge with me as well as Thien Tan is overcome ourself, speed up to meet the internal evolving needs of company and more importantly, meet the objective of economic – social development of Quang Ngai province.

– What is your business principals?

Clearance always the biggest obstruct in construction but my principle is always think for people. Affect the rights of people is taboo in business, production. Because we can’t develope while people still in poverty.

For example, when built resettlement area of Tra Bong district, someone told me “To carry coals to Newcastle” when delivered woods from plain. They usually logging in place to do, no breaking the law. But i said with the authorities to keep forest to avoid affecting livehoods and life of people. Housing for workers also made of iron. Absolutely nothing to do with wood.

My throughout perspective is Thien Tan development always goes with Quang Ngai development process. Efforts to make the greatest contribution to the economic; social development of Quang Ngai and wherever Thien Tan invest in. Although with our ability now, we could find a lot of much more attractive investment oppoturnities in other locations.

– Sir, what is the development direction of Thien Tan in the future?

Now, equity of Thien Tan Group has reached 3.000 billion VND with 4 subsidiaries; according to next year plan, our equity will be more than 5.000 billion VND. Beside National Road 1A Expand project, we have Đăkre Hydropower project with 60MW and 2.000 billion VND investment.

With the object of Aiming to become the leading Private Economic Group in Quang Ngai, prove prestige and brand in the domestic markets as well as international, Thien Tan will expand business fields, enhance investment cooperation with Great powers such as England, German, America, Japan, India… Inparticular, focus on Joint venture – associated with big corporation such as Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hitachi… through many major projects in Quang Ngai. In addition, company also enhance investment in social project and see this is a right direction.

-After 15 years in business, what make you satified and what is your concern?

The most satisfaction is affirm myself. People think business is battle field, not for me, business isn’t battle field, its training, performance, develope abilities field. Of course business must have competitive but that competitiveness must be the motivation to develope. For example, Thien Tan is number one in construction field in Quang Ngai, but we barely not “contest” with any company.

And my concern, actually life is changing everyday and “A flow will have an ebb” but want to do everything is just self hurting. If a successful business man is earn a lot of money by his ability, then i’m a successful businessman. But i’m luckier than my friends. Money isn’t my ambition anymore but working, contribute constructions, ideas for this life is my happiness now.

– Thanks you so much!

With achievements in business, products, as well as social activities, in those years, Thien Tan Investment Construction Company and Mr.Huynh Kim Lap have received many awards from Ministry, Department of Goverment and Province. Especially, Thien Tan Investment Construction Company has honor to received Labor Order 3rd class from Government. This is the first Privated Company in province has received this honorable reward.

Thu Trang – DDDN