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Thien Tan Group presents gifts for poor students

Đăng lúc 9h:0 - Thứ ba, 17/03/2015

(Thien Tan Group) – Afternoon 19th of January, Thien Tan Investment Construction Joint Stock Company has held a meeting and presented Tet’s gifts for students overcome poverty, thrive in study. These students also the members of “Horizon Dream” Fund found by Thien Tan.

According to Mr.Huynh Kim Lap – Chairman of Board, General Director of Company, from 2011, company in collaboration with Quang Ngai Television to do “Horizon Dream” program, Thien Tan is the sponsor, providing monthly scholarship for 35 students from primary to high school. Each student receives 500.000 to 1.000.000 VND per month, in which students from grade 1 upward will receive 1 million/month, and below grade 8 will have 500 thoundsand/month.

The meeting between Thien Tan Company and poor students in “Horizon Dream” program

Most of the students who receive “Horizon Dream” scholarship have extremely difficult life, many orphanages. However, they’ve overcome struggles to achived high school records. “Horizon Dream” scholarship will help them on their school road.
“Meeting and present Tet’s gifts for them is to encourage they in study. Because company will always side by side with you in your school road.” Mr.Lap said.

News, pictures: M.Toan – Quang Ngai newspaper